Episode 09 – How Traditional Technical Interviews Impact Diversity & What Frances Did About it

Ask anyone who’s hunted for a job as a software developer what they did to prepare for their technical interviews, and they will more or less provide a similar general framework. At a high-level, we grind data structures & algo problems using some flavor of an interview prep site such as LeetCode, Hackerrank, Interview Cake,Continue reading “Episode 09 – How Traditional Technical Interviews Impact Diversity & What Frances Did About it”

Episode 08 – A Day in the Life of a Support Engineer

On this episode, I sit down to chat with Dante Anthony who decided to make the most of his childhood love for computers by using it to jumpstart his career as a Support Engineer at Atlassian. During our talk, Dante reveals how the birth of his daughter motivated him to join a technical trade schoolContinue reading “Episode 08 – A Day in the Life of a Support Engineer”

Episode 07 – He Was a Student Athlete Majoring in Electrical Engineering Until…

Hugh Miles entered the University of Florida ready to play sports and ready to graduate with a degree in electrical engineering. That all changed when he took his first C++ course, which drew him to software development. From that point on, he worked on a slew of coding projects that ultimately drove him to changeContinue reading “Episode 07 – He Was a Student Athlete Majoring in Electrical Engineering Until…”

Episode 06 – Finding Strength & Confidence in Setbacks

Many classic fairy tales end with a “happily ever after,” implying that the prince or princess has achieved what they wanted to and will now be satisfied forever. Similarly, students often have their eye on the prize and want to land that first entry-level software developer role in industry. But what happens after you landContinue reading “Episode 06 – Finding Strength & Confidence in Setbacks”

Episode 05 – An Autodidact Believed He Could

There are so many resources online available to help newbies learn how to design, architect, code, and deploy software projects. But with this large repository of knowledge, we can be overloaded and overwhelmed with information. Where does one even start? Daniel Leskosky, a petroleum engineer turned industrial engineer turned software engineer, was able to figureContinue reading “Episode 05 – An Autodidact Believed He Could”

Episode 04 – To Be or Not to Be… a Contractor?

Today we’re talking to Monica, who went the traditional route of getting a CS degree at UCLA before working in industry for several years as a full-time employee. She opens up about the challenges she faced as a female in the minority of her college classes and her experiences working for companies of all sizes.Continue reading “Episode 04 – To Be or Not to Be… a Contractor?”

Episode 03 – From Finance to Flow State Coding

This episode features a Senior Software Engineer named Rocky, who majored in finance during college and worked as a financial analyst at Morgan Stanley. He originally pursued a career in finance in an effort to become more financially savvy and to learn how to make informed financial decisions to help his family. This same desireContinue reading “Episode 03 – From Finance to Flow State Coding”

Episode 02 – A Liberal Arts Major’s Change of Plans

This episode features someone who majored in International Studies with a concentration in Asia. Dreams of moving to Japan and teaching English is what Eric always wanted to do, and the job he took after college was meant to be a temporary way to make money while he sorted out his Asia plans. Instead, thisContinue reading “Episode 02 – A Liberal Arts Major’s Change of Plans”

Episode 01 – CS Major & The Myth of the Standard Path

The first episode of Dial a Dev features Rama, who is now a Senior Software Engineer at a real estate technology company. She graduated with a BS in Computer Science from the University of Washington in Seattle and shares her thoughts and experiences on topics such as how she picked her major, when she didContinue reading “Episode 01 – CS Major & The Myth of the Standard Path”