Episode 07 – He Was a Student Athlete Majoring in Electrical Engineering Until…

Hugh Miles entered the University of Florida ready to play sports and ready to graduate with a degree in electrical engineering. That all changed when he took his first C++ course, which drew him to software development. From that point on, he worked on a slew of coding projects that ultimately drove him to change his major and leave his athletic team. What’s remarkable about his journey is that he was able to teach himself mobile development and other technical skills necessary to make the creative ideas living in his mind come to life. In this interview, I enjoyed discussing with Hugh how his passion for designing and building solutions to everyday problems fueled his career’s momentum. We even touch upon his thoughts on the future of NFTs and the metaverse! Tune into this week’s episode as we learn from Hugh what it’s like to: balance computer engineering coursework with hobbies and sports, teach yourself relevant skills to get started on a new project, and work for a large tech company vs. a niche open source project.

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