Episode 06 – Finding Strength & Confidence in Setbacks

Many classic fairy tales end with a “happily ever after,” implying that the prince or princess has achieved what they wanted to and will now be satisfied forever. Similarly, students often have their eye on the prize and want to land that first entry-level software developer role in industry. But what happens after you land that dream job? Today we’ll talk to Janet who graduated from a coding school for women and gender diverse individuals. After landing her first entry-level dev role in the industry, however, she found herself questioning whether or not it was the right fit for her after all. On this episode, she shares with us some of the challenges she faced, what she did to regain her confidence in her desire and ability to code, as well as how her mindset shifted during this time. These insights offer a unique point of view with regards to what it’s like to doubt your decision to become a software developer and how to overcome it.

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