Episode 05 – An Autodidact Believed He Could

There are so many resources online available to help newbies learn how to design, architect, code, and deploy software projects. But with this large repository of knowledge, we can be overloaded and overwhelmed with information. Where does one even start? Daniel Leskosky, a petroleum engineer turned industrial engineer turned software engineer, was able to figure it out. After taking a few CS courses on the side, reaching out to hundreds of software developers on LinkedIn, and getting active on “tech twitter,” he paved the way from not being able to do a single Leetcode problem to cranking them out daily through the #100DaysOfCode challenge. We discuss cold-calling on LinkedIn, taking online courses, building and deploying his own blog site from scratch, developing GitHub portfolios, and also strategies for practicing algorithms from different sources.

“Industrial Engineer to Software Engineer” – Daniel Leskosky

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